Cooking, Dogs, and Rearranging Furniture

Potato Soup Ingredients

It’s been fairly quiet around Rusty Fox Farm this week. It did get warmer for a few days, but now it’s cold again. Today I’m cooking potato soup with sausage. Tonight after work I’ll be helping to clean the farm and prepare food for the Lunar New Year party we have every year. (That will have its own post.)

Meat in Food Saver Bags

Saturday Mom and I did two weeks’ worth of grocery shopping. We make out a two week menu then shop for what we need. Do you own a FoodSaver? You should. Mine was one of those things that I had gone back and forth on owning for years. I don’t regret it at all and for the most part if I can seal it in a jar or bag to make it last longer I do.

Mom cleaning the pantry cabinet

This past week Mom was cleaning out the pantry cabinet and observed that I only post about fun things. So here you go, a behind-the-scenes, every-day-life thing that needs done sometimes. She also has stated that she doesn’t like the backgrounds of pictures around here. I tell her it’s a work in progress and no one cares. Welcome to the temporary kitchen with drywall, particle board floors, and makeshift cabinets. One day it will be magazine ready. Promise.

Durbin waiting for dad

Durbin spends his days waiting for Dad to get home, napping with Dad, watching Dad work. Essentially Durbin’s days revolve around his ‘Papaw’.

Gurney on the couch

Gurney has stopped limping since he had his allergy shot. I haven’t had to give him any of the pain medicine at all. He’s back on his normal routine of napping and stalking birds. He even went up the stairs today for the first time since he tumbled down the last few about a month ago.

Bookshelves in upstairs hallway

Mom, Dad, and I moved the bookcases upstairs and Mom has been filling them with all the books from throughout the house. She also plans to put a chair up there to sit and read. Secretly I think she’s doing it because she can’t stand the mismatched look of books on a shelf. She’d ban paperbacks if she could. (I tease her about this as she used to hide all the paperbacks away at my house when she’d clean over there.)


We did a walk-through of the property last weekend when it was warmer. There’s a lot of trash along the property lines that needs cleaned up, but it’s still pretty-there was even some green to be seen. The creek had ice along the edges, but was still flowing.

Squatters' camp in the woods

We did find a small ‘camp’ that had been set up at the back of the property. Pieces of rock and concrete had been moved into a circle with a paint can in the middle for a fire. I assume from some of the things there it’s just kids. I can’t blame them, I liked playing back there as a kid too-and I have to say they have the area looking nicer than whoever is dumping trash.

Have a good weekend, our next post will be about Lunar New Year with a recipe for egg rolls!

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