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Controlling Feral Cat Populations

There are many opinions on controlling feral cat populations – especially when it is at your house or neighborhood. There is nothing more irritating than picking up something a cat has peed or sprayed on; seeing that a female cat is again pregnant; or finding another unwanted litter of kittens.

Controlling Feral Cat Populations - Bailey & Norma Eating

Some would say “shoot them”, “poison them”, “live trap and dump them off”, etc., but they’re just trying to survive like the rest of us. Research has found that removing cats from an area will cause a vacuum effect and new cats will move in to the territory, causing you to be in the same situation with different faces.

Controlling Feral Cat Populations - Bailey & Tom Eating

If animal owners would spay and neuter their pets we wouldn’t have this huge problem. There is not a quick fix to the problem, but in my opinion there is only one answer: live trap the ferals, catch the tamer cats and have them spayed or neutered. I know you are seeing dollar signs now-it is costly to take an animal to the vet.

Fortunately we have some other options. There are many non-profit societies across the nation that spay and neuter cats and dogs at a very reasonable price-sometimes free.

Controlling Feral Cat Populations - Susie RecoveringHere on the farm there have been a few female cats dropping two litters a year for a long while. When we moved in last fall, I knew this had to stop. I’ve live trapped the females and had them spayed. UCAN in Cincinnati will neuter or spay a feral for no cost. (I did give them a donation.) The cats that were friendlier I took to be spayed and neutered for $20 each. This included a rabies and distemper shot. These organizations are out there and worth the drive if you don’t have one locally.

Now the farm cats are spayed and neutered. Yes, it costs a little time and money to control feral cat populations, and yes, I still have to feed them. The benefits? No more kittens to carry on this problem and other cats aren’t going to move in to their territory.

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